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- Need additional accessories:

PCC1090A: Setting the operating percentage of the PWM output and the selection of the operating frequency and from the PC - FREE!

The offer code shows easy way to control of pwm from PC screen.
Useful: Link1 - Link2 - Link3
For Arduino boards: NANO -- UNO -- MEGA
Arduino pins are used:
uc ATmega328p (NANO, UNO,...): D3=PWM output
uc AtMega2560 (MEGA,...): D3=PWM output
Electrical note: (Recommendation:Use the following accessories for testing as well as for later use: Lnk1 - Lnk2 )
No additional power required (USB power only from PC). If only a usb power supply is used, take care that the pvm range
is 0% = 0V and 100% = voltage from the usb port (which can vary significantly).
It is recommended to use an external power supply of 9-12V - then the accuracy of the output pvm signal is better
(depending on the internal voltage regulator 5V in the Arduino).
Download the FreeHEX codes below, unpack and upload to the proper Arduino board (Use a free net tool for example XLoader)
1. uc ATmega328-16MHz-5V (NANO,UNO..): PCC1090A-M328
2. uc AtMega2560 (Mega (ATMEGA2560)...): PCC1090A-M2560
You can test the uploaded code using some free serial communication software such as Termite
Description of HexCode commands:
AT command (ASCII characters) - 9600 Baud ,8 Data bits,None Parity,1 Stop Bit - AT commands must be uppercase, lowercase invalid
AT - attention command (returns OK)
AT+INF - software code info (returns ucAppName)
AT+PV01? = Return PV01= set percentage (0-100)
Set-Preset commands: Some or all commands use internal Uc EEPROM for memorized when power loss!
AT+SV01=X - X=Set (working) pwm percentage (0-100% 0=0V 100%=5V)
AT+SV02=X - X=pwm frequency (selection 1-7)
- Legend: 1=31372.55Hz 2=3921.16Hz 3=980.39Hz 4=490.20(default) 5=245.10Hz 6=122.55Hz 7=30.64Hz
- After this command reset+restart with new value.
AT+SV01? - Return value of SV01 = working percentage
AT+SV02? - Return value of SV02 = selected pwm frequency (see Legend)
AT+DRESET - Default Reset ( SV01=0 SV02=4)
For those familiar with ArduinoIDE programming: PCC1090A - PCC1090Azip
PC Application(s):
PC Application(s) (for WINDOWS): In order for the offered PC applications to work, it is necessary to download and install (only first time): VB6RunTimePlus2.2
Download the PC application, unpack and start (allow windows to start applications - how) enter the COM port number where the Arduino is connected and use that.
PcApp: PCC1090A-PcApp1try - Time limited version (2h - then need restart) for try! For no-limit version see ProjCode
The pictures are orientational.

Project codes: Do Donation-Option1 (HOME) and copy bottom line in Your Email to us. After successful donation You will receive ProjCode on your email soon as possible.
Need of project code: PCC1090A-PcApp1
The content of ProjCode:
1. Project: PcApp(s) no limit version (in zipped exe version)